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Release Notes

[2012-03-01] eWebEditor Version 8.00

  • [Important] Add EWEBEDITOR objects more suitable for Ajax Applications, total call of JavaScript, support for asynchrony, and Create, Delete, and Insert, Replace, Replace All, Style Replace, Object Replace, Hide and other convenient and practical functions. It is more convenient for you to call each interface. Please refer to the User Manual and examples for the details.
  • Add JavaScript API, including setting read-only mode, focus and all the trigger interfaces of button functions.
  • Add the events callback processing mechanism, do further processing after version import or in other events.
  • Add method interfaces for input boxes calling upload dialog boxes, add support for onchange events processing, and add support return value method settings.
  • Add one-key processing module function, which can be set in the background. You can paste Word and Excel and do one-key typesetting. One-key processing can be operated according to the preset processing without a confirmation dialog box pop-up.
  • Add the automatic upload function of pictures when copying Jinshan WPS texts and WPS forms.
  • Add functions of custom FSO component names and background settings to adapt to special security needs for changing names. [ASP version]
  • Add the function of automatic height adaption in the editing area. Setting the parameters to control whether to enable it. When enabling, the height of the editing area will automatically be adaptive to your input.
  • Add the width and height scaling function when uploading pictures.
  • Add three sample programs.
  • Optimize the left, center, right full-justified processing of the paragraph, support more paragraphs to be operated simultaneously and a wide range of real-time displaying of the current state.
  • Optimize Word and Excel import and paste, use the online style, and solve the problem that several contents in one page might influence each other. Solve wrong line effects when copying a form from Excel. Solve the problem that a general style might affect the page effect. Further simplify the output code. Remove the invalid cell code when copying from web pages to Word.
  • Optimize the solution to the possible name duplication problem when uploading local files, more detailed naming rules and file name existing detection.
  • Optimize the foreground by allowing displaying the file size more intuitively.
  • Optimize the background and management settings, allowing more possible path form settings of path models.
  • Fix the problem that setting font size might leave the originally set font names lost.
  • Fix the wrong display positions in the dialog display effect.
  • Fix the possible problems of switching tabs of the dialog box under IE6.
  • Fix the problem that files might not be checked in some cases when uploading files in batches.
  • Fix the position problem of inserting a level bar in a limited width mode.
  • Fix the problems that the local files and files at the server in some cases can't be previewed in Firefox 7 above versions.
  • Fix the problems resulting from abolishing old interfaces of Firefox in Firefox 10 above versions.
  • For JSP version, fix the wrong management of backstage style management toolbars and problems of file size settings.
  • For JSP version, fix the problem that the self-page processing sample program might be in error when the content is too much.
  • For .NET version, fix the problems of interface display when enabling X-UA-Compatible in IIS 7 above versions.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2011-10-17] eWebEditor Version 7.80

  • Add the direct support of IE9 standard mode and non-compatible mode.
  • Add the support of the background to the Firefox browser.
  • Add the watermarking function of remote upload, local upload, screen capture, copy, etc, and set watermark switches of different upload types and modes in the background.
  • Add the minimum height settings, allowing the editor to bounce back when adjusting its size.
  • Optimize batch upload function, support a more sizable single file and over LONG value (2147483647 bytes, about 2 G), a single measured 3 G file can be uploaded on intranet.
  • Optimize the support of the absolute full path outside the website to the non-HTTP beginning path.
  • Optimize width and height adjustment function when dragging a form in order to greatly improve the efficiency and solve the problem of flashing lag of the cursor.
  • Fix the problems that some documents might affect the foreground displaying the page style and, some documents might not be able to upload pictures and table cell width might be in error in the Word import, Word paste, Excel import, Excel paste functions, and optimize the processing mode.
  • Fix the problem that local pictures can't be previewed on IE9.
  • Fix the problem that inserting the Excel OWC object is invalid and it can't be edited.
  • Fix the problem that network pictures can't be browsed and imported pictures can't be uploaded when enabling advanced security interface to define the path directory.
  • Fix the problem that small keyboard does not support in part of the digital import boxes.
  • Fix the problem that the existing page break will be lost when the background selects "do not automatically page for the existing pagination".
  • For .NET version: fix the problem that calls might not be normal when using Firefox browser 3.5 above versions.
  • For ASP version: fix the problem of the coding support of IIS to UTF-8 under the Win2000+IIS5.
  • For JSP version: fix the wrong upload path when arraying multi-level directory and wrong program when WEB server program is installed in the special path. Fix support for Oracle IAS server. Fix the wrong path settings in some circumstances.
  • For JSP version: optimize utf-8 File I/O, support for the use of JAR package form, and the authorized processing in cluster service.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2011-02-25] eWebEditor Version 7.30

  • Add the save function according to the original name of the upload file, which allow to choose a variety of file names save modes adapting to different environment, and customize automatic naming formats with a same name .
  • Add the automatic type directory function, which allow saving files to different directories according to their types, and customizing directory names.
  • Add the width and height dragging adjustment function of table cells, and the effect is very good with support for width and height simultaneous adjustment and only the width or the height.
  • Add before the paragraph, after the paragraph, character front and front size settings in one-key typesetting function, and set the initial value of the character font and font size in the background.
  • Add multiple settings in the background, including: automatic directory sequence settings, initial mode settings of Word import.
  • Add support for Chinese domain names.
  • Fix the problem that the first paragraph of a plain text format is ineffective in one-key typesetting.
  • Fix the problems that the cursor may fail after copying from Word, and that blank lines may be lost, and that Win7 might be in errors.
  • Fix the problem that options of the page border sometimes may fail in Word import function in Office2007.
  • Fix the problem that the batch upload function may be in error in choosing several directory files.
  • Optimize the client control internal processing and internal sending system.
  • For JSP version: improve the file path processing method and release it in the form suitable for war package.
  • For PHP version: improve the use of iconv parameter to handle character conversion.
  • For .NET version: modify the Firefox support of user control modes, and fix wrong compiled version numbers.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2010-10-11] eWebEditor Version 7.00

  • Add support for Mozilla Firefox (Firefox browser) and Google Chrome (Google browser).
  • Add multi-document simultaneous upload, large file upload function, and block files upload, progress bar display and document client filtering. Customize the block size, multifold and solo file modes, the permitted file type and size, and whether to enable, etc.
  • Improve the beautification dialog box interface, and use the layer window mode. The size of an automatic dialog box can be dragged free from the limits of IE pop-up window management program with any ugly status bar and address bar in the pattern window.
  • Enhance the media inserting function. Support FLV, Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime and various plug-in types, which can be selected automatically and also can be customized with media support preview and support for large files upload.
  • Optimize the ActiveX control installation method needed by senior functions, fully supporting online installation and guiding tutorial online installation. It also can be installed even if it is not permitted by IE security with real-time display of whether the installation is finish state.
  • Add the option cards of the support dialog so that the dialog box can have a better interface and interface layout, which also facilitates the expansion in the future.
  • Add fictional operators in display block, so that the block can be displayed under an editing mode, and the default state also can be set in the background.
  • Optimize the toolbar under the non-visual editing mode, and add the toolbar operator group settings under the non-visual editing mode in the background.
  • Add the code format function. When it is enabled, the code mode will display nicer codes after format, and the enabled state and parameters can be set in the background.
  • Improve the maximization function mode so that pop-up windows are not used and the widows are maximized in the operating interface not subject to the pop-up window management of IE and displaying the current state in the toolbar.
  • Add protection modes for the script, style and object in visible editing, so that the code after several times switching still remains the same.
  • Add the paste function of the forced plain text, and enable it in the background.
  • Kernel codes are completely rewritten, and many historical structural problems have been improved, and several known BUG are fixed.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2009-11-10] eWebEditor Version 6.80

  • Add the page function with an eWebEditor standard mode and a custom page break mode as two optional operators, and the custom page break can be set in the background, including the automatic page of the page management, the function to submit the automatic page function and background page settings, which can support the page title function of the system of a large article. Add the page management and inserting page break functional operators. Support normal displaying of page content when the display page of the foreground is not processed and smooth transition of the original data. Meanwhile, the sample code files of the foreground display page treating the page break are also added.
  • Add Excel paste and Excel import/paste treatment optimization, and Excel import/paste support simultaneous turning into pictures of multiple Sheets.
  • Add advanced security interfaces with Session transmitting and MD5 encrypting to ensure the safety of important sets, which enables you to set some important parameters by the dynamic state of the program with support for the settings of file size, file browsing, file path, space restrictions and other parameters.
  • Add the simulated thumbnail function, and it does not support generating small pictures but support their automatic displaying and their linking to large ones, which is suitable for improving the server's properties, reducing the files' number, and demanding high quality pictures, and is also suitable for the case where the server does not support the graphics processing module.
  • Add the upload space limit function to prevent possible malicious rubbish files occupying whole space. The upload space limit in the advanced security interface support different users setting different space limits, and support the independent space testing path different from the upload path that is often used for self- help building website and other systems which restrict the user space.
  • Add judgment conditions mode options for thumbnail generation, which supports three modes of automatic detection of whether to generate a thumbnail according to the width only, according to the height only and according to the width and height at the same time.
  • Add the zoom-in or zoom-out buttons on the status bar, which can be set Hide in the background.
  • Optimize the test code, which evidently speed up the text editing fast input.
  • Optimize the automatic date directory function of the upload path with support for the multi-layer automatic directory of arbitrary formats of key word forms.
  • Optimize picture copied from the resource manager resource management with support for sorting.
  • Fix possible mistakes in full-screen editing.
  • Fix the problem that remote files might be uploaded for many times in absolute total path mode.
  • Fix the problem that the ActiveX client control may have its memory greatly increased which contributes to the retreating of IE in special circumstances.
  • Fix the errors appearing when several pictures are using the graphics hot link function.
  • For PHP version, fix the errors appearing when the advanced interface customizes the upload file path.
  • For PHP version, fix the possible authorization errors.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2009-04-01] eWebEditor Version 6.20

  • Add the simultaneous paste function of multiple pictures, and support the simultaneous local upload of multi-files. Multiple pictures are copied from the Window resource manager, and then are pasted in the editor, that is, the copied pictures are uploaded to the server and are displayed in the editor.
  • Add picture conversion function when pasting from Excel, and enhance the paste special function.
  • Add the thumbnail mode function, and three models of generating the thumbnail can be set in the background, which can directly generate the thumbnail without the original picture.
  • Add background "link types" settings with two optimized modes to choose from, namely, http and https. Solve the problem of clicking two times for retreat.
  • Optimize the "Word paste" detection as "Advanced paste automatic detection", in addition to Word paste, which also supports other formats of paste types. Through the background settings, the administrator can close the tips without installing the client control and paste, but close is not recommended for that may cause many functions to disappear.
  • Optimize the bottom layer mode of the editor, which greatly accelerate the editing efficiency and solve the slowness of moving the direction key.
  • Optimize the upload function of local files, and use client first judgment effectiveness when uploading all local files to accelerate the efficiency.
  • Fix the rules of one-key typesetting function. When save the picture is checked but save the form unchecked, pictures in the form will be saved.
  • Fix the errors in the upload function of local files of V6.0 version.
  • Fix the tips of possible error of right-hand menu paste.
  • Fix the problem that the remote upload will upload the files in the website once again files when using the absolute total path mode outside the website.
  • For ASP version, fix the problem that the upload is still permitted with background setting as zero when using non-component upload class.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2008-12-01] eWebEditor Version 6.00

  • Add the super screenshot function so as to automatically upload the screenshots to the server and adjust the screenshot area size and mobile screenshot area, PNG format, and display screenshot area size and operation tips.
  • Add the one-key typesetting and noise words clearing function. The standard layout can be quickly finished in one page, including: setting zero before and after a paragraph, indenting the first line, row spacing, justifying align, clearing empty space and other common options. The noise words clearing function with four optional modes is highly recommended, of which the automatic detection mode can analyze CCS definition of the original copy website and can automatically detect various types of noise words. If those are handled immediately when pasted from other websites, the detection will be more effective, and basically, all kinds of noise words can be handled.
  • Add the real-time display of the font effect and state function in the current selection or the position of the cursor.
  • Add the import page effect options of importing Word with import page width, page margin, enhanced border effect and automatic scrolling. By this function, the imported Word document is basically same with that in Word with good effect.
  • Add automatic width and height detection function of Flash, which can automatically detect the width and height and does not need manual filling when uploading swf files.
  • Add the function of saving contents as pictures in Word import and Word paste, which can save the whole Word document or the portion of the text you choose to copy as pictures so as to keep the released effect same with Word and help to protect the content of the document. Pictures of GIF, JPG, PNG formats can be chosen.
  • Add the functions of selective paste and intelligent paste, which can paste the pictures in the clipboard to editing areas with support for QQ screenshots, Photoshop, drawing and other image processing copy, and then paste directly in the editor with pictures automatically sending to the server, which is an automatic process. GIF, JPG, PNG format images can be chosen.
  • Add support for the LV media inserting function in the same page with inserting Flash.
  • Add read-only function interfaces. The text within the editor can't be modified when using the interface with two options of with and without the status bar.
  • Add the graphic elements processing of the ASP version and ASP.NET version. Aspjpeg1.3+ and aspjpeg1.8+can be chose in the background, and the new elements can greatly improve the watermark effect of pictures with support for transparent png format.
  • Enhance the Word import of all kinds processing function with full support for Office2007.
  • Optimize the left, right and center quick treatment effect of pictures.
  • Optimize the support for paragraph justified alignment for Chinese.
  • Fix the problem of incorrect page number during tabbed browsing and optimize page displaying effect.
  • Fix possible mistake of path with terminal number.
  • Fix the problem of invalid alignment function during fixing Word import.
  • Fix the problem of invalid blank line during Word import.
  • Fix the problem of name duplication of concurrent files during Word import.
  • Fix possible mistakes of local automatic upload.
  • Fix Word reminding mistakes in some pages.
  • For JSP version, fix possible excessive slashes in the path.
  • For JSP version, correct mistake of halted system during JspSmartupload uploading module.
  • For PHP version, add ini upload limit reminder.
  • For PHP version, fix the problem of invalid background setting in CSS mode.
  • For PHP version, fix the problem of malfunction of uploading limit in background setting.
  • For .NET version, fix possible mistake of custom interface during using of custom control calling mode.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2008-07-11] eWebEditor Version 5.50

  • Add dialog boxes for uploading file interface. You can use the file uploading function automatic with the browser in import box of any webpage to upload file and browse the files uploaded before in the server, and return to the path file name of uploaded file in the import box. You can call at any position of a webpage, it supports upload in types and thumbnail calling, and can be set at the background of editor. With only a line of calling codes, you can add file uploading function for your website.
  • Add customized uploading paths mode-out-of-site absolute full path mode. With this function you can upload the file the site out of the current website or another server, making pictures and other files stored on a file server for sharing through other websites.
  • Add CSS modes setting in editing area: normal mode, Word import mode. Only by setting at the background you can realize best Word import effect.
  • Add the automatic upgrading configuration file function, while upgrading to a new version, the original configuration can be kept and do not need re-setting. It supports automatic upgrading of versions later than 5.0.
  • Add the paging function of browsing server terminal file to solve the problem of pictures slowing unfolding, which can be added to the window status. When opening the dialogue box next time, paging, sorting and the viewgraph settings of closing last time can be retained.
  • Add function switches for whether to adopt watermark option in foreground user interface and setting in background.
  • Fix the problem of design mode script possibly being implemented.
  • Fix the problem of invalid line advancing mode in some situations.
  • Fix the problem of the path becoming full path during word copy.
  • Fix possible problems of Word import.
  • Fix the problem of the partial incorrect path during the relative path mode.
  • Fix the problem of invalid transformation of lists and preview modes in the background upload files management.
  • Fix the possible focus problem under the fix width mode.
  • Fix the invalid setting in the background whether to initialize to display the guidelines.
  • For JSP version, fix the problem that some files cannot be uploaded when using the upload elements of commons file upload.
  • For JSP version, fix the problem in the path setting of the picture watermark.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2008-04-22] eWebEditor Version 5.20

  • Enhance Word/Excel import function, and add more kinds of format optimization and clearing options, including formula optimization, form optimization, paragraph optimization, floating optimization, margin optimization, etc.
  • Enhance the Word copy and paste processing, support the automatic import of styles, and support several kinds of format optimizations with more humane processing and inquiry windows.
  • Enhance the automatic upload of local files and the upload processing modes of asynchronous files with more error-proofing processing.
  • Enhance eWebEditor control upgrade/installation processing method with a unified and humane installation interface and support for download and installation, which still makes it convenient to install control when IE permission settings are insufficient.
  • For JSP version, add the support for the upload elements of Apache "commons file upload", which is recommended to use for solving the problem that the possible memory of jspSmartUpload elements is in error.
  • Fix the problem that the memory might be in error with closing the IE page when using the functions of Word import/ paste and other controls.
  • Fix the problem that the menu cannot be displayed in part IE7 browser.
  • Fix the possible path errors in IE7.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2008-01-07] eWebEditor Version 5.00

  • Add dynamic calling interfaces of the fix width mode and interface language, and please see the details in the User Manual.
  • Add the fix width mode function so that the width of the editor can be set inconsistent with that of foreground system display area more closely. What you see is what you get. It is recommended to use.
  • Add two function menu buttons: font menu, text menu, paragraph style menu. All the drop-down list function buttons can be replaced by button forms to further reduce the space occupied by the toolbar.
  • Add the insert template function. Insert in the current position and Replace the entire document are the two options. The scaling preview function is available. It is very simple to add new templates.
  • Add support for the safe use in SSL (HTTPS) mode.
  • Add the setting to control whether to display a certain button of the status bar. Whether to display "code" "edit" and other buttons can be set in the background.
  • Add the background settings to select the newline model. Pressing the Return key in the editor can symbolize the input of paragraphs <P> or newline <BR>. Two patterns can be chosen.
  • Add the optimize skin interface function, and the system originally has 10 sets of skins, like Vista, Office2003, Office2000, OfficeXP and other styles.
  • For ASP.NET version, add the calling mode of client control. Add the two-way support between the integrated ASP system and ASP.NET system.
  • Enhance toolbar menus and right key menu functions with adaptive menu interface width and new skin functions.
  • Add support for calling Hide mode, which cannot display the editor when calling the web page, then use the script control to display and again optimize the possible overlap of toolbar buttons.
  • Enhance the Flash property function, support the mode modification and parameter settings of transparence and automatic broadcasting. Preview is available with support for right key property function.
  • Enhance the background toolbar button management with the visualized button selector. Support multiple selections, the Shift key, Ctrl key, double click and moving multiple ones up or down simultaneously. Optimize the data structure
  • Enhance the picture preview with support for the preview with special effects.
  • Enhance the background upload management with support for preview and list dual-mode view of the uploaded file.
  • Optimize the structure of the entire system. Compared with the previous versions, the folder and file structure have a lot of adjustment with more explicit division of client and server programs.
  • Optimize the function button picture import, and all the pictures in picture toolbar are imported in the form of a single file, which greatly speeds up the loading speed of the editor with evident effects.
  • Optimize the user operations of the background picture dialog box, and add the initial positioning of the system pictures.
  • Optimize the case conversion function of letters. After conversion, correctly position to the original selection.
  • Fix the problem that hyperlinks cannot take the initial value in some cases.
  • Fix the wrong size settings of upload files.
  • Fix the problem that the format cannot be cleared in some cases.
  • Fix the problem that there aren't any tips when copying and pasting from Word.
  • Fix the possible twice revocation after the operation of part of forms.
  • Fix the inconsistence between paragraph properties and key alignment.
  • Fix wrong plain text values getting from the client.
  • Fix wrong conversion in different status modes.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2007-05-01] eWebEditor Version 4.80

  • It is improved with advanced host file review and share bank function buttons to take full advantage of existed and share files, including images library, flash library, multi-media library and enclosure library and with super interface effect: folder directory tree, four file types and multiple review modes, eight file arrangement ways and to display file types in icons. File review modes include detailed material mode, list mode, icon mode and thumbnail mode. And the thumbnail mode supports to preview the image and flash. Files can be ranged by name, type, file size and the time order of modification. Every arrangement has positive arrangement and reverse order. You can set the function to be enabled or disable in the background.
  • Add 11 languages. Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Add the functional button of interface call of IeSpell spelling checkup.
  • Add the functional button for printing page break.
  • Add case toggle functional button and meanwhile accurate positioning with cursor point.
  • Optimize font size, name and color by style. Employ SPAN tab, which is complying with standard instead of FONT tab.
  • Optimize multiple-language interface, making dialog interface much nice-looking in different languages.
  • Solve the problem that the background picture dialog box failed to optimize to display user interface according to the background setup.
  • Solve the problem that local pictures cannot be previewed in IE7.
  • Solve the problem that error may occur to the parameter value of self-defined uploaded file path port.
  • Friendly optimized users, and enhance the pictures' real-time preview.
  • Solve the problem that error occurs to text paste when you copy a control package.
  • ASP Version. It solves the repetition problem that may occur when there are huge contents.

[2007-03-01] eWebEditor Version 4.60

  • Add several setup options related to watermark, allow to apply literal watermark and image watermark in a picture simultaneously and able to set up the watermark position, margin, transparence, etc.
  • Add the function to self-definitely upload path port. And the background can set up it to be enabled or disable. Separately save different users' uploaded files in different directory with ease. And the host files review is connected to it and users can only review their own folders.
  • Solve the problem that the upload file port is invalid when the mode window occupies the editing area.
  • Solve the initial error when to occupy in IFRAME.
  • ASP.NET Version. Solve the errors detected by background environment.
  • Add the types of local upload file and size setup option.
  • Friendly optimized users. If the background is set to be disabling to upload files and the relative interface in the foreground will not display the uploaded operation.
  • Solve the copy problem of directory address with space when auto upload the local files.
  • Solve the problem that part of font effect cannot be modified caused by the style.
  • Enhance the self-defined control in optimized editing area according to language style.
  • JSP Version. Solve the discode problem of Chinese file name when uploading under WebSphere environment.

[2006-12-03] eWebEditor Version 4.40

  • JSP Version. Solve the problem of writing file path in non-Window system background management.
  • PHP Version. Solve the Chinese language problem and some samples problem in background management under Apache service.
  • JSP and PHP Version. Optimize writing file format.
  • Optimize file format of language package style.
  • Solve the error arose out of picture hyperlink.
  • JSP Version. It will not write files to the auto created directory when auto remote uploading.
  • NET Version. Solve the problems coming up when to apply it in template and user control package.
  • Solve the problem that in path mode, when you copy something from other website, it cannot display all pictures contented.
  • Enhance the color dialog box and add shortcut selection for frequently used colors.
  • Enhance paragraph property dialog box and add pull-down menu for frequently used line space.
  • Solve the problem that error occurs when inserting dialog box and using the relative path in certain circumstance.
  • Add options for import EXCEL, and auto roll options to make large box avoid being invisible or zooming on the page. And the table frame options make the frameless work form with frame.
  • Enhance auto preview when to review uploaded pictures.
  • Add clients API; it can count content in editing area and get text of editing content.

[2006-09-20] eWebEditor Version 4.30

  • Add the excel import function and enable you to import appointed excel and support to auto upload pictures and other files from Excel to server.
  • Newly improved undo and redo function. Support cursor point positioning and mode toggle positioning. And with intact undo and redo mode, including redo of unit step dialog operation, redo of size adjustment by dragging, etc.
  • Solve the problem of invalid of the setup of art font typeface and failure to display the insert sometimes.
  • Optimize the handling of alignment. For the paragraph alignment, when the object is control package, it can align the control package. And with quick mixing typeset of text and image.
  • Enhance the induction function of files with external style. Be able to apply absolute path form.
  • Solve the errors in ASP Version occurred when dealing with special symbols in uploaded files without component.
  • Solve the problem that the path of pictures from the system is incorrect.
  • Solve the problem that pictures from Word2003 document fail to auto upload when importing Word.
  • Solve the problem that when the port of auto and remote upload turns back, there is one excessive empty file.
  • Solve the problem that when editing in full screen, after enlarging and inducing operation on the window of state bar, the window will not be able to recover.
  • Optimize the auto upload handling and error capturing of the client software.
  • Optimize part of codes and improve editing speed. Heal all current BUGs.

[2006-07-20] eWebEditor Version 4.00

  • Finish the arrangement of a detailed new version user manual of more than 100 pages.
  • Enhance the font size and name to be style control. It can define font of any size and is not just limited in sizes from one to seven. Words from Word document can as well be modified on its font effect.
  • Enhance the import function button of Word document. If you import two the same document, you can upload pictures and graphics from Word document to host. When importing, there are mode options for whether to keep the VML format. If you choose VML format, the graph will not create picture, otherwise it will produce pictures and upload to host.
  • Enhance the function button to auto upload local files. With this function, when you copy Word document, it will auto upload pictures from Word document to host and meanwhile you can choose to insert VML style or the default Word style which does not exist in JIANTIEBAN.
  • Add the function to auto upload local file when Word pasting. When pasting it will pop up prompt dialog box, and it can process the pasted content according to your selected options. Solve the problem that pictures cannot be uploaded and the style is inconsistent after Word document copying.
  • Add the border effect options for table dialog and alignment options for characters. This function enables to create mongline table effect easily. And meanwhile modify the default effect of inserted table and to display it in mongline.
  • Solve the problem that when dragging one or more pictures, the picture path would auto turn to full path mode.
  • Solve the problem that when linking the thumbnail to the original big picture, it will not use the corresponding path format according to the background setup.
  • Solve the problem that when using relative path mode, errors occur to the path of uploaded pictures and server files.
  • Optimized ASP/ASP.NET version. It defaults to support transparent watermark when using ASP jpeg components.
  • Solve the problem of JS error arose when to upload files with special name in ASP version.
  • Solve the problem that it fails to create thumbnail under Linux system in PHP version.
  • Optimize PHP version, unify the output tags and support the setup of default environment of new version.
  • Solve the problem that the watermark and thumbnail are invalid when using auto directory building in JSP version.
  • Solve the problem that thumbnails would be created immovably and the background switch became invalid in JSP version.
  • Solve the problem that in JSP version when remote downloading files, it just saves but fails to replace the path and files in upper case.
  • Solve the problem that it would not get files both in lower and upper case when remote downloading files.
  • Optimize ASP.NET version speed up program execution and exit.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2005-07-01] eWebEditor Version 3.70

  • Finish revising the super detailed new edition of User's Manual and Development Manual
  • Repair the problem of invisibility of "confirm" or "cancel" buttons in the dialog box of "hotlink images" in English interface.
  • Repair, in ASP Version, the problems of absence of ways for uploading components, being unable to upload certain Chinese filenames and being irresponsive when file's size exceeds the setting value.
  • Repair the problem that image watermark may not be used in ASP Version.
  • Repair the problem of invalid setting for single character spacing in paragraph properties dialog box.
  • Repair the problem of code error in Traditional Chinese language package.
  • Repair the problem of losses of some styles when copying from Word.
  • Repair the problem of file path error under Linux System in JSP Version.
  • Repair the problem of transformation of single quotation marks to SBC case when pasting in code mode.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2005-01-21] eWebEditor Version 3.60

  • Add function of insertion and modification of artistic font, which could be applied to create text with special effect on the webpage.
  • Add function of paragraph property including right click function, which could be used to apply one or more paragraph style and set paragraph indent, row space to make the text paragraph looks clearer and cleaner.
  • Add function of thumbnail, text watermark, image watermark, with which you can set the size of thumbnail, creation condition of thumbnail, content, color, font and shadow of watermark text etc.
  • Add citing interface for outside style table. You can control the effect of edit area by using the same table style with the website to make the editing content effect is identical with effect of the display.
  • Add self-adaptation function to all the dialog box, with which, the size of dialog box can be adjusted automatically according to client's operational system to adapt for the langue and platform changes. So you will no longer have the problem of button partially displaying in WINXP SP2 or button looking too big in WIN2000 or WIN98.
  • Add one package of XP blue button images. The system has two default packages of button images.
  • In image insertion or modification dialogue box, add image preview with zoom in and out, and the function of display original size.
  • Multi-language environment improvement with full UTF-8 format support.
  • Repair ASP, ASP.NET edition's support problem to old edition's sa-fileup upload packs.
  • Repair every edition's script error when inserting on current location while edit area does not get focus.
  • Repair errors on upload file type in PHP edition, errors on dialogue box under LINUX system, and errors on path of upload files.
  • Repair problem that some images are unable to be viewed.
  • Modify some default settings and optimize the most frequently used functional buttons.
  • Repair problem that some ASP image watermark is not available.
  • Repair problem of no effect for setting word spacing in paragraph preference dialogue box.
  • Repair problem of some styles being lost while copy files from Word.
  • Repair errors on file path under Linux system in JSP edition.
  • Repair problem of inverted comma being transferred into SBC base when pasting files in code mode.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2004-09-01] eWebEditor Version 3.00

  • Pure still webpage plus interface processing mode optimize greatly the applications integration structure. Foreground solely applied still webpage with html which enhance effectiveness greatly.
  • With multi-language support and application of language package structure, eWebEditor can automatically choose the language interface according to the client's operating system language. Currently it has three language packages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.
  • Substitute data base saving mode with textual files data saving mode. You no longer need to care about the types of data under system environment. It is more convenient for platform transplant. When adding to product, it settles problem of one system requiring two data base.
  • Entire separation of foreground from background. If you want to add eWebEditor to your product publishing, you can just simply delete background management program without effecting the foreground operation.
  • Grand new process mechanism and upload API to solve the problem of repeatedly submitting tables when applying remote automatic upload.
  • Repair all known bugs.

[2004-07-06] eWebEditor Version 2.80

  • Repair the problem of address invalidation when copying images from other site by relative path.
  • Repair the problem of submission several times when a table has several edit areas.
  • Repair the problem of non-menu buttons' quashing and restore those buttons which cannot be used.
  • Repair the problem of pop-up script error when the object is dragged up or down one more layer.
  • Repair the problem of pop-up script error when deleting the object.

[2004-05-20] eWebEditor Version 2.75

  • Add management dialogue windows of anchor tag, with which you can add, delete, and modify the tag. At the same time we add anchor tag option to hyperlink dialogue box to realize the skipping function in the same page.
  • Using application to replace the operation of database reading and transferring process to enhance effectiveness greatly. That also makes the loading of webpage basically as still webpage.
  • Solve the problem of path by adding path mode configuration in background and to permit the files path to be relative path, absolute root path, and absolute full path.
  • Fully integrate the remote files automatic upload function and delete previously offered interface file of ReplaceRemoteUrl.asp to integrate it in edit function. In that way eWebEditor realized truly automatic upload. In background we add configuration for the size and type of permitted upload remote files and you can choose whether to use automatic upload function. We also add manual upload button. Push that button. You can see the upload files in edit windows. The same as previous upload files, we offer you remote upload file interface too.
  • Add common used shortcut. Here is the current shortcuts list:
    • valid shortcuts in any kind of mode
      F1: show help information
      F2: show or hide guideline
      Ctrl+1: shift to code edit mode
      Ctrl+2: shift to visualized edit mode
      Ctrl+3: shift to plain text edit mode
      Ctrl+4: shift to preview mode
      Ctrl++: enlarge edit area
      Ctrl+-: dwindle edit area
      Ctrl+Enter: submit
    • valid shortcuts in three edit modes
      Ctrl+A: select all
      Ctrl+C: copy
      Ctrl+X: cut
      Ctrl+V: paste
      Ctrl+Z: undo
      Ctrl+Y: restore
      Ctrl+F: search
    • valid shortcut in visual design edit mode
      Ctrl+B: bold
      Ctrl+I: italic
      Ctrl+U: underline
      Ctrl+D: paste from Word
      Ctrl+R: search and replace
      Shift+Enter: soft enter equal to insert <br>
  • Add upload pack option. Now we have added ASPUpload, SA-FileUp, and LyfUpload pack support
  • Add function of automatically creating directory for upload files. You can choose whether to create and save directories according to date in background. If you need FSO support, eWebEditor offer you options for directory of year, directory of year and month, and directory of year, month and day.
  • Add one code example of simple news management system with ACCESS as database. There are detailed explanations of these codes, which almost involve all eWebEditor functional call.
  • Add pop-up windows call interface. When call by popup.asp, you can restore value to previous edit box after editing the pop-up windows. Accordingly eWebEditor add functional button of saving and restoring of pop-up windows.
  • Add functional button of saving and restoring of pop-up windows, which can be used coordinately with pop-up windows call.
  • Add site browsing button to make it more convenient to visit online instruction manual.
  • Add options of whether to show guidelines in defaulted loading in. The default configuration is not to show the guidelines.
  • Add more images of file types.
  • Repair the problem of being unable to upload remote image automatically in strike domain name.
  • Repair the problem of having port number when inserting file path in customized relative path.
  • Repair some probably existing hidden security holes.
  • Repair the problem of repeated upload of the same picture in automatic remote upload function.
  • Repair the problem of no input interface when inserting background picture in tables.
  • Repair the problem that the width or height of the tables and images cannot be modified after adjustment by dragging.
  • Repair the problem that undo and restore in the menu cannot be applied because of DHTML interface methods provided by IE.
  • Cancel automatically focus acquiring by edit area while loading.
  • Change to upload file interface: SourceFileName in v2.16 edition was changed into OriginalFileName. At the same time, add a saving file name with path: SavePathFileName.
  • Change the names of style provide by the system to uniform criterion name. Except defaulted standard, all the names of system style were changed into one with s_ as the front.
  • Update online help files, update online presentation, and update online read me document.

[2004-04-18] eWebEditor Version 2.16

  • Offer small but useful mini style. Add several menu buttons: font menu, paragraph menu, file view menu, packs menu, tool menu, edit menu, and object effect menu. All functional buttons were classified by menu. Add mini system provided styles with all functions, which applied all menu buttons with little space for toolbar and standard wide interface. The system provides 10 styles.
  • Repair the problem of invalid configuration when setting the background style as not to use relative path.
  • Repair the problem of losing code when shifting to design mode from code mode after input style or note for the first line.
  • Repair the problem of unable to edit when toolbar is not showed.
  • Repair the problem of invalid setting for frame color when inserting a picture.
  • Repair the problem of invalid target preference when insert in the hyperlink dialogue box.
  • Repair the errors of not uploading ID when pagination in uploading files management in background administration.

[2004-04-01] eWebEditor Version 2.00

  • Add plain text input function with client IE edition automatic checking mechanism. If edition do not meet the need, it will not run mistakenly, but you can only input plain text.
  • Add functional button of image hot link, with which you can link separate area of an image. That is the original creation for online editing.
  • Add upload file interface, with which you can obtain original file name and actual saved files list from client or server. You can also save them to database or image news.
  • Add object option for hyperlink, modify original link windows by IE and offer public call.
  • Add paste function in code mode or plain text mode and reduce row spacing automatically to match with standard style.
  • Add one cool blue style, which is very beautiful. It provided 9 styles itself.
  • Repair a JS error when the size of upload files is larger than a setting character.
  • Repair a minor error when getting remote images automatically. That file is ReplaceRemoteurl.asp.
  • Repair the bug of guideline disappearing when you switched to edit state again after you show the guideline in edit and switch to code or preview state.
  • Repair the error when display is empty, there is still symbol of <p></p>.
  • Repair the error notice of unable to use special characters when setting relative path in background management.
  • Eliminate the redundant codes after uploading pictures.
  • Repair errors of unable to filter in decode.asp.
  • Repair problems in background path settings, allowed the use of format such as "/", "\"or "..".
  • Repair problem of not considering port number when using relative path.
  • Consummate management of background uploads files to allow management of files in multi-style directories.
  • Repair problem of garbled character.
  • Add checks on whether directories exist in background upload files management to avoid webpage errors.
  • Add original setting for plain text mode in background management.
  • Repair the problem of style lost when return from full screen in preview mode.
  • Repair problem of link URL changing when shifting between edit mode and code mode.
  • Repair the problem of border attribute lost when inserting pictures.
  • Update instruction document to add several examples of actual operation.

[2004-02-04] eWebEditor Version 2.00 beta1

  • Add guideline showed or hidden function that means there would be dashed when the border of table is 0 in tables and links.
  • Cancel management of style CSS content from background. Change it into files of .css and put them in CSS directory to enhance download speed of buffer storage and ensure integrity of style definition.
  • Add functional buttons of search and replace to realize content finding and replacing.
  • Add direct new document function, which means to clear all content.
  • Add buttons of relative or absolute position with 2D function to enable object such as images to lie above text or overlap text.
  • Add functional button of moving up a layer.
  • Add functional button of moving down a layer.
  • Add functional button of enlarging edit area.
  • Add functional button of dwindling edit area.
  • Add functional button of zoom in and out, pull-down menu or button menu.
  • Add options of whether to use relative path in background management and allow applying relative path.
  • Add CSS directory name setting in background management.
  • Add the original loading mode setting in background management.
  • Add directory path setting for upload files in background management.
  • Add menu function to make functional buttons more concentrated and easier-to-use.
    • function of right click menu
    • function of paste button menu
    • function of table menu
    • function of form menu
  • Add strong table process function, which include:
    • insert table
    • table properties
    • cell properties
    • split cell
    • row properties...
    • insert row above
    • insert row below
    • merge row below
    • split row
    • delete row
    • insert column left
    • insert column right
    • merge column right
    • split column
    • delete column
  • Modify the style of status bar to make it more beautiful
  • Adjust names of images and part of the files to make them more criterions.
  • Expand some properties of previous functional button such as adding background image to table dialogue box.
  • Background image dialogue box can be called as commonly used module.
  • Add extension function to getting and uploading remote images automatically. Include ReplaceRemoteUrl.asp and launch run-process function in accepting webpage, if you want to apply this kind of function in this page.
  • Modify readme and help document accordingly.
  • Add 6 sets of style color schemes of its own and now it has 8 sets of style color schemes of its own in all.
  • All button images keep the size of 20px*20px.
  • Repair the error of right click menu after preview.
  • Repair the problem that there is still <p></p>after empty submission.
  • Repair the error of directly citing elements on status bar when you choose not to use status bar.
  • Repair the error of losing </tr> when insert tables.
  • Repair some minor questions

[2003-12-11] eWebEditor Version 1.13

  • Repair the problem of unable to play the inserted automatically play media files.
  • Repair the problem of losing all formats after submitting or resetting in preview mode.
  • Add HTML security character transfer function (include/deCode.asp) and add function of getting deCode function code calling.
  • Optimize the week generating function.
  • Add more explanation for easy reading.

[2003-12-01] eWebEditor Version 1.00

  • Emphasis alteration: all dialogue boxes were changed from dynamic to still webpage, which could alleviate burdens of the server by canceling previous ways of transferring and changed to object citing.
  • Repair the problem of focus losing when using plain text paste and paste from Word function.
  • Repair the problem of submitting error after modification of image properties.
  • Repair the problem of distortion of popup dialogue box in WINXP system.
  • Repair the problem of unable to submit command of inserting Flash animators from URL.
  • Further regulate main file code structure, reduce size of main file and speed up the load in process.
  • Add application situation explanations in instruction document.
  • Separate the settings of background color of text and cells of table.
  • Set customization concerning colors in standard style as absolute colors to make all the standard styles in various operation systems consistent.
  • Add pull-down tool of paragraph style to enable you to configure the paragraph style.
  • Add functional button of object background color, with which you can set the background color for table cell, table row, table and the whole webpage.
  • Add functional button of enlarging font setting.
  • Add functional button of dwindling font setting
  • Add hidden status bar setting function in background management.
  • Add options for whether to automatically check paste from Word in background management.
  • Allow multi-styles in background management and enable you to copy specific style.
  • Add one style of its own which is suitable for small edit area. The best width is 500 with all common functional buttons.
  • To further regulate the criterion, we add more suitable explanations and change the advanced call by editing status function of ChangeMode() to setMode().

[2003-11-13] eWebEditor Version 1.00 beta2

  • Through two weeks of interior test, all aspects of this Version have been tested separately. Now we formally publish the Public Beta Version to make full preparation for the release of our Official Version 1.00
  • Add functions of paste from Word, plain text paste, clever paste examination, full-screen edit, return to full-screen edit.
  • Formally add advanced functions which include setHTML (html), getHTML (), insertHTML (html), appendHTML (html), setMode (NewMode).
  • Optimize some codes, set the directory structure, and rename image files.
  • Add function of setting the extended name and size of upload files according to mode.
  • Perfect the readme and instruction document.
  • List the main functions which are needed to add in next time's updating.
  • Public Beta Version.

[2003-11-01] eWebEditor Version 1.00 beta1

  • After a long time of hard working, eWebEditor finally comes out. We will keep to updating and upgrading to make it the best, webpage based, source code released, code normative, green, and WYSIWYG online editor.
  • Interior Beta Version
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