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Paragraph Attribute

Paragraph attribute functions include right key function. By it you can employ segment type function, and set up the start or end of paragraph and line space for one or more paragraphs. The effect of this function will not be affected because of large paragraph spacing any more.


  1. When editing in HTML, one of the most frequently used tag is "<P>" short for paragraph. An "Enter" will create a paragraph. People usually mix up paragraph and newline. No matter in Word or DW or other commonly used software, the standard always is that "Enter" indicates a new paragraph, and Shift+Enter a new line, and newline tag in HTML is "<BR>". It has many effects (center, alignment, etc) in paragraph that cannot be realized by newline. Newline is just to break to a new line in paragraph.
  2. Many users may forward to use newline tag "<BR>" instead when it should press "enter". Actually it is really a misunderstanding. If you change all paragraph tag "<P>" into newline tag "<BR>", all effect belonging to paragraph will be gone. That means that even a basic function such as to center a line it will fail to perform. When you conduct centering a line, all stuff will center. Therefore, the misunderstanding came out of that in frequently used software Word, it defaults when you press Enter, the paragraph spacing is very slight and it looks like the same effect as <BR>. This is because that the default paragraph spacing is zero, making it look like <BR>. While in website the default spacing is not zero and thus it makes you feel that the paragraph space is too large. As long as you understand such pattern, and it has effect in it all the time, you will not employ <BR> to substitute <P> when the spacing is too great.
  3. If you would like to make the paragraph <P> effect to look like <BR> effect, you can make it by setting the margin of the start and the end of paragraph as zero. The code is as follows:
    p {margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px}


  1. About problems of paragraph <P> and <BR> mentioned above. In the following editing area, press (Shift+Enter) to observe the newline effect. Next press (CTRL+A) to select all and then click "Paragraph Attribute" in toolbar, it will popup a dialog box. Set "Margin Top" of paragraph and "Margin Bottom" of paragraph as zero. Finally click "OK" and see if the effect is the same as newline.
  2. The "Paragraph Attribute" of eWebEditor is based on multiple paragraphs and to set up the part you select subject to the paragraph it belongs to. While in the similar product it only set one by one paragraph. Just think how difficult to adjust an attribute of many paragraphs.
  3. For any operation on paragraph in eWebEditor, move the cursor point to one paragraph or select some words of that paragraph, then you can set up the whole paragraph attribute instead of selecting a whole paragraph.
  4. Support right-key function. After selecting, right click what you select and it will appear a "Paragraph Attribute" menu.
  5. Reserve initial setting. When a certain paragraph has been set, in the "Paragraph Attribute" dialog box, all the setting are the current setting of the paragraph you select.

Demo one:

Demo two:

The code of demo two under the "code" mode is completely the same as that of demo one, but it differs in "design" mode in editing area. The example displays the effect of the external style sheets. Press Enter directly, as you press (Shift+Enter) in demo one and the effect looks like <BR> effect.

In this example, it just adds style as follows:
p {margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px}

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